Zoom Etiquette and General Expectations

  • Students are attending school via Zoom on remote learning days. Their appearance and behavior should be in accordance with a regular, in-person school experience.
  • Students should come to zoom at 9:00 AM, dressed and ready to learn. Students should be out of bed, seated in an appropriate location or workspace, and dressed for school. Students who are dressed for the day as if they were out of the home will be more likely to participate as they would in our brick and mortar building. Their attention and focus will be more suitable for learning. Students should wake up, have breakfast, get dressed, brush their hair and teeth, etc. before logging on for their first meeting.
  • Attendance is important. Instructional hours for every student is 9:00 AM until 2:30 PM. Students are expected to be “in school” during those times to learn. A student will be marked late if they log in past 9:00AM. Please make sure to schedule any appointments after 2:30 dismissal time. Students who leave early, or miss instructional periods will miss important content.
  • Establish a consistent workspace. NYC is not known for large, spacious apartments. We do not expect every student to have their own desk to work at daily. However, families are encouraged to establish a set workspace so that students understand the expectations of school and boundaries between the school day and weekends.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Your child’s teacher and classmates can see behind the students. Should this make any family uncomfortable, rather than turning off the camera, we encourage you to find a workspace suitable to these conditions. Once student cameras are off, it allows them to disconnect from the class and limits the teacher’s ability to engage with students effectively. Students are expected to have cameras on unless directed by the teacher.
  • Avoid distracting others: Students should stay on mute until it is their turn to speak. This will help to eliminate background noise that could distract others.
  • Participate Respectfully: Use the Zoom chat respectfully. The chat feature is a tool to make comments and ask questions without interrupting the speaker, but students should be aware that comments are public and recorded in the minutes of the session. Students are required to engage with the chat as they would in a regular classroom conversation.


Behavioral Expectations for Students on Zoom

  • Always be respectful and courteous during zoom meetings. Inappropriate, offensive or threatening comments; misrepresentation of identity, and/or disruptive behavior by any participants during Zoom sessions will not be tolerated.
  • Students must use their @nycstudents.net email account to log into a Zoom session. Please ensure that your child logs out of any other Zoom accounts and logs in using these credentials each morning. Login credentials must not be shared. Sharing of login information violates other students’ and teachers’ rights to confidentiality, and could allow class participation by unauthorized persons and/or lead to disruptive behaviors that detract from a productive and positive learning environment.
  • No Trespassing.Students who are disruptive and/or “trespass” into Zoom sessions with other classes will receive appropriate consequences in accordance with the NYCDOE Citywide Behavioral Expectations. Consequences may result in temporary or permanent loss of technology access, which would prevent the student from participating in Zoom virtual sessions. Students receiving this consequence would have assignments provided to the student’s parent/guardian to be completed asynchronously.


Privacy Guidelines for Parents/Guardians

To maintain a positive, productive learning environment and confidentiality for students and teachers during remote learning, all parents/guardians are asked to follow the following privacy guidelines.

  • Zoom virtual instruction is designed for students. To prevent disruptions to the learning environment, parents/guardians should not actively participate in sessions, although parents/guardians may assist their child with technology and/or remain with an earshot. 
  • Privacy is paramount: Do not video record, audio record, photograph, live stream, or transmit in any other way any part of a Zoom meeting, including not posting on any social media platform. Any confidential or personally identifiable information related to students participating during Zoom meetings should not be collected, discussed or shared.
  • Your Child is “in school” and should not be interrupted. Parents/guardians should not engage with students during Zoom meetings. If you need to speak with your child during a session, first mute your child’s microphone.
  • If you want to speak with teachers, this is not the time. Parents should not use the instructional time to speak to the teacher or have a meeting with the teacher. Contact your teacher via email to set up an appointment to have a virtual meeting during their office hours.