PA & SLT Meetings


The Agenda For Next Meeting

Cohort Update

Possible PA Updates

Notes from 6/18/20 SLT Meeting


Present:  David Thacker Bowell (Principal), Mike Nappi (Teacher), Gris Sandoval (Parent), Elliot Andreopoulos (Teacher), Gary Wellbrock (Teacher), Stacey Haynes (Parent), Terry Acevedo (Parent Coordinator), Cheritha Saulsby (Teacher), Grace Hargove (Parent), Donna Miles (Parent), Maryanne Fisher (Asst. Principal)

Dave’s Notes


-Dave said that in the upcoming school year, the CDC said no more than 10 people are allowed in a room.  Because of that, there will be a blended learning environment.

-There are still many questions regarding this.  Where/when will lunch be?  When will children come in?  How will movement and PE be?  

-The DOE is looking at the spaces in the building, and is figuring out how to safely handle people coming in and working.  

-According to the DOE, 160-170 people can be handled at our school.  We have 65/70 staff, and 190 registered students, so approximately 250.

-Dave believes we can get away with 2 cohorts of people.  We have the space to accommodate two groups at once.  But how do we split that?  How do we switch between that?  There are many questions.

-We still have many concerns about health and safety.  Guests will have to do temperature checks.  

-Right now, there are more questions than answers.  

-We will be having a reopening committee that will meet over the summer.  

UFT Notes


-Mike spoke about what he learned in his UFT meeting.  Like, what will happen if there is a spike in September?  What if there is no good plan to reopen?  Then, UFT advised that we are not going back.

-Mike also said that some parents may not want to send their children back.

-Mike also said that no budgets are from the DOE, which will make things confusing for reopening.


Parent Notes

-Stacey spoke about how some families are waiting for a vaccine, while others are waiting to go back. 

-Gris spoke how children are struggling socially and emotionally.  The children need support with this, especially with the unknown of fall.

-Donna spoke about how children are bored and frightened during these traumatic times.  She loves us all.

General Notes

-Dave spoke about staffing and possibly budget cuts if our population dwindles.

-Donna asked about graduation and how people are excited about attending the graduation. 

-Dave will send the link to everybody.

-Stacey spoke about teacher assignments and not how all classrooms will have a fluent signer.

-Dave said there aren’t enough native signers for each classroom.

-The CEP deadline has been extended.