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    MARK THE DATE ON YOUR CALENDARS! MAY 25th Parent VIrtual Gameshow Challenge at 1:00 PM

    All parents are invited to join in on the fun. 

    This is brought to you by the Parent Support Group and is hosted by Virtual Entertainment!

    The more parents who join, the better!

    See you there!

    The zoom link is below:
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    Dear Families, 
    As you may know, May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. This is the time when we celebrate the culture, history, and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in the United States. I am always humbled when I think about the role Asian and Pacific Americans played in the formation of this city and country. From building the first transcontinental railroad to fighting for America throughout the different wars, these communities have deep roots throughout our nation. And they have made important contributions as small business owners, teachers, doctors, artists, scientists, in technology fields, and in so many other ways.
    As Chancellor, it is important to me that our students and educators explore the rich traditions and achievements of people of AAPI heritage. It’s also important to have the hard discussions about the horrific rise in violence against our fellow AAPI New Yorkers and Americans. In schools, we are supporting this by providing curriculum resources accessible to educators in all grades. And at every turn, we must reinforce that there is no room for discrimination of any kind in New York City’s public schools. To our AAPI students, staff, and families: The Department of Education stands in solidarity with you. We will continue to honor your diverse and powerful voices. For some amazing resources that are great for discussions at home with your children, visit In addition, your children can access a collection of hundreds of e-books and audiobooks honoring the contributions Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans have made to the lives and culture of the United States. These books are available through the Sora app; students can log in at using their DOE credentials. 
    I want to share one more important link with you: the link to our 15th annual NYC School Survey, which launched this week! 
    I encourage all families and teachers in grades 3K through 12, and students in grades 6-12, to visit by June 11 to share your thoughts on your school experience this year. 
    Tell us what you think about student well-being and engagement, communication from your school, culturally responsive education, how your school has supported you, and teaching and learning. Your school will use your feedback to think about the learning environment and work with all members of the school community to make the school a better place to learn.  
    As always, I am grateful for you and how you support your children every step of the way. 
    Thank you. 
    Meisha Porter 
    New York City Schools Chancellor
    All Signs Point to Success P.S. 347
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    Parent Support Group Meets Every TUESDAY at 2:15!

    Maryanne Fisher is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.



    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 883 7942 0368
    Passcode: 806592
    One tap mobile
    +16465588656,,88379420368#,,,,*806592# US (New York)
    +13017158592,,88379420368#,,,,*806592# US (Washington DC)

    Dial by your location
    +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
    +1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
    +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
    +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
    +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
    +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
    Meeting ID: 883 7942 0368
    Passcode: 806592
    Find your local number:


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    What is the NYC School Survey

    Each year, all families, teachers, and students in grades 6-12 take the NYC School Survey to share feedback about their schools. The NYC School Survey is one of the nation’s largest education surveys. Survey feedback can help improve your child’s learning environment. 


    Our goal is to hear from every single one of our parents and guardians, because every single one of you matters!

    Last year, only 55% of our teachers, and only 25% of our PS347 families responded! This year, our goal is to hear back from 100% of our parents and teachers across all the grades.

    How does your feedback help our school? 

    Your feedback helps us to better align our school mission/goals.  Based on the feedback we receive, we learn not only what you feel we are doing well, we also learn from your perspective, what issues or areas that you would like to prioritize as needing additional focus and/or attention.

    Where do I find the survey?

    This year, all surveys will be completed online! 

    Parents / Guardians: Families can take the survey online via computer or mobile device at in any of the ten DOE supported languages.


    Do I need an access code?

    Families will enter “f” followed by their child’s nine-digit Student Identification (OSIS) Number. Note that “f” must be lowercase. 

    For example. If your child's access code is 1234567899, you would enter f1234567899

    Where do I find my child's OSIS number?

    Families can find their child’s Student Identification (OSIS) Number on their report card, student ID card, or NYCSA account. If you need help finding your child's OSIS number, you can contact Elise Brady (, Karri Smolensky (, or me (



    Do I have to fill out a survey for EVERY child I have in the school?

    Yes. If you have two children in the school, that is two different sets of teachers and two different school experiences that we want your feedback on. For example, if you have a child in kindergarten and a child in the 7th grade, you may have different feedback for each of them when it comes to your experience with the school and his/her program. 

    When does it need to be completed by?

    Survey administration will be through June 11th, and the survey will be available in 10 languages. Please remember that your feedback is voluntary and entirely confidential. 


    Please reach out to me, or to Terry Acevedo ( if you have questions!

    ¿Qué es la Encuesta Escolar de la Ciudad de Nueva York?
    Cada año, todas las familias, maestros y estudiantes en los grados 6-12 toman la Encuesta Escolar de la Ciudad de Nueva York para compartir comentarios sobre sus escuelas. La Encuesta Escolar de la Ciudad de Nueva York es una de las encuestas de educación más grandes del país. Los comentarios de la encuesta pueden ayudar a mejorar el entorno de aprendizaje de su hijo.
    Nuestro objetivo es escuchar a cada uno de ustedes, ¡porque todos y cada uno de ustedes son importantes!
    ¡El año pasado, solo el 55% de nuestros maestros y solo el 25% de nuestras familias de la escuela PS347 respondieron! Este año, nuestra meta es escuchar al 100% de nuestros padres y maestros en todos los grados.
    ¿Cómo ayudan sus comentarios a nuestra escuela?
    Sus comentarios nos ayudan a alinear mejor nuestra misión / metas escolares. Con base en la retroalimentación que recibimos, aprendemos no solo lo que cree que estamos haciendo bien, también aprendemos desde su perspectiva, qué temas o áreas le gustaría priorizar que necesitan un enfoque y / o atención adicional.
    ¿Dónde encuentro la encuesta?
    ¡Este año, todas las encuestas se completarán en línea!
    Padres / tutores: Las familias pueden realizar la encuesta en línea a través de una computadora o dispositivo móvil en en cualquiera de los diez idiomas admitidos por el DOE.
    ¿Necesito un código de acceso?
    Las familias ingresarán una "f" seguida del número de identificación de estudiante (OSIS) de nueve dígitos de su hijo. Tenga en cuenta que "f" debe estar en minúsculas.
    Por ejemplo. Si el código de acceso de su hijo es 1234567899, debe ingresar f1234567899
    ¿Dónde encuentro el número OSIS de mi hijo?
    Las familias pueden encontrar el número de identificación de estudiante (OSIS) de su hijo en su boleta de calificaciones, tarjeta de identificación de estudiante o cuenta de NYCSA.
    ¿Tengo que completar una encuesta para CADA niño que tengo en la escuela?
    Si. Si tiene dos hijos en la escuela, son dos grupos diferentes de maestros y dos experiencias escolares diferentes sobre las que queremos sus comentarios. Por ejemplo, si tiene un niño en el jardín de infantes y un niño en el séptimo grado, es posible que tenga diferentes comentarios para cada uno de ellos en lo que respecta a su experiencia con la escuela y su programa.
    ¿Cuándo debe completarse?
    La administración de la encuesta será hasta el 11 de junio y la encuesta estará disponible en 10 idiomas. Recuerde que sus comentarios son voluntarios y completamente confidenciales.
    Comuníquese con Terry ( conmigo si tiene alguna pregunta.
    All Signs Point to Success P.S. 347
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    Congratulations to all of our Fifth Grade Families!  Your child's middle school offer(s) is now available. Parents/guardians are able to view offers directly in MySchools.

     We are very excited and honored that many of you have chosen PS 347 as your child's middle school, and are very excited for those families who chose a new school for their child's middle school years.

    PS 347 will always be home for each and every one of you!

    If you have any questions about the middle school process or next steps, please reach out to Maryanne or Elise.

    All Signs Point to Success P.S. 347
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    If you would like your child to participate in this year’s State exams, please COMPLETE THIS SURVEY BY APRIL 12TH 

    If you do not wish to have your child test you do not have to take any further action.  

    If we do not hear back from you by April 12th , your child will not participate in state testing.   


    We encourage you to read the information below to help you make your decision.


    What State exams will be administered in the school building?  

    The Grades 3–8 English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics exams, and the Grades 4 and 8 Science exams, will only be administered in your child’s school building. All schools will adhere to COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Visit to learn more.  


    How will you keep my student safe during in-person test administration?  

    Health and safety are our first priorities. We are asking for you to sign up so we can create testing schedules and room assignments that allow for social distancing protocols. 

    If my student is already learning in the building, do I still need to sign up for the exams?  

    Yes. You must let us know if you would like your student to take State exams, whether they are learning in-person or remotely.  

    Are fully-remote students expected to come in to take the exams?  

    No. Students receiving fully remote instruction are not expected to come to school to take the State exams. A survey was previously sent to parents of remote students. Those parents who expressed interest will be notified. 

    If my student does not take the exams, will they be penalized?  

    No. Any student who does not participate in the 2021 NYS ELA, Math, or Science exams will not be penalized.  

    When are the exams?  

    The exams will be administered within the following dates:  

    • English Language Arts for grades 3 through 8:  April 19–29, 2021  
    • Mathematics for grades 3 through 8: May 3–14, 2021  
    • Science for grades 4 and 8: June 7–11, 2021  


    Testing will not occur on May 13, when schools are closed for Eid Al-Fitr. We will share the scheduled testing date for your child prior to the start of testing window.   


    If I don’t sign up, what will my child do while their classmates are taking the exam?  

    Students receiving in-person instruction who do not take the exam will continue their instructional program, as will fully remote students.   

    Are the exams different this year?  

    Yes. This year, the ELA and Mathematics exams for grades 3 through 8 will be multiple choice only. The Science exams for grades 4 and 8 will consist only of questions that are multiple choice or require a short, written answer.  The tests are untimed, but most students will complete the tests in 55 to 90 minutes.  



    I have more questions. How can I learn more?  

    The DOE has created a Parent Guide to address commonly asked questions about the administration of the Grades 3–8 ELA and Mathematics and Grades 4 and 8 Science exams in the 2020-21 school year. You can also always reach out to {insert contact information} with any questions or concerns. We are here to help.  


    We appreciate your collaboration and flexibility as we continually work to ensure a strong, supportive education for your child and every student in our school community.  


    If you have any questions, please contact Maryanne Fisher at, and please do not forget to COMPLETE THIS SURVEY BY APRIL 12TH

    All Signs Point to Success P.S. 347
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    Interested in Transferring to PS 347 Middle School for Sixth Grade in the 2021-2022 School Year?

    Please visit our link MIDDLE SCHOOL ENROLLMENT

    All Signs Point to Success P.S. 347
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    Enable Your iPad as a Hotspot

    All centrally DOE-loaned iPads are now hotspots. This means other devices can connect to your iPad’s internet connection, for remote learning. To enable your hotspot:

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Find Personal Hotspot and click to take you to the login screen
    3. Select Allow Others to Join.
    4. Devices other students in your house are using for remote learning can be added to that connection.
    5. As a reminder, the hotspot connection is to be used only for remote learning activities. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.
    All Signs Point to Success P.S. 347
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    In order for any visitor or student to enter the building, he/she must be "cleared."

    Prior to coming to our school, please visit:

    Health Screening Students and Visitors

     Answer the questions for you (if you are visiting) or for your child attending school that day.

    It will tell you if the person is “Cleared to Enter DOE Schools”
    in green, OR “Not Cleared to Enter School Buildings” (red).

    If it is RED, the person is NOT cleared (did not pass) and should stay home. He/she will not be allowed to enter.

    The results must be shown to the school safety agent upon arrival. If you or your child do not have a phone, you can print out the results, and show the print out to the security guard when you/your child arrives. Only those who have a "GREEN LIGHT" will be allowed to enter.



    All Signs Point to Success P.S. 347
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    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    PS 347 has a new and simple way for you to stay updated on emergency notices, school closings, delayed openings, school and district announcements, and more!  Using our new eChalk Notify App you can receive real time updates that appear as notifications immediately on your mobile devices! The eChalk Notify App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or by using the links to the right of this homepage in the yellow tab!

    1. Download the eChalk Notify App.
      Anyone can download the eChalk Notify App for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Just search for “eChalk Notify.”
    2. Login without an account by clicking  “Proceed without logging in” > Settings icon > + > enter your school’s alert code > Connect. You’ll only need to enter the school’s alert code when logging in for the first time.

    Note: Setting up the app by entering the school alert code allows you to receive school and district emergency alert notifications only.

    If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact eChalk Support at for further assistance.


    All Signs Point to Success P.S. 347
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    Check our F and Q section located in About Our School for information about Arrivals, Dismissals, and More!

    F and Q

    All Signs Point to Success P.S. 347

    June 3rd and June 8th are non-instructional days for children.

    There will be no remote instruction and no in-person instruction!

    Enjoy the days off!

    All Signs Point to Success P.S. 347
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