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  • What is the best way for the Deaf community to communicate with the NYPD?


    Find out the answers to all your questions during an open discussion with

    Officer Angel Familia, a CODA, and ASL Linguist from The NYPD Community Affairs Bureau

    WHEN: October 12th

    WHERE: Auditorium

    TIME: 2:00-2:45 PM


    Discussion Topics Include:

    Requesting a 911 Presenter

    Tools Police Officer Have to Communicate with the Deaf community

    Answers to your questions, such as,

    ‘If a Deaf person goes inside a precinct, how do they communicate with a police officer?"

    It is an event you do not want to miss!










  • 2022-2023 CELLPHONE POLICY

    No Cellphone Policy

    Our no cellphone policy is one that we take seriously at PS 347. 

    We know that parents want their children to have cellphones, especially if their children take public transportation. It provides peace of mind for a parent to have them call you to let you know that they arrived at school safely. We understand!

    However, once your child is in the school building, they will need to turn their cellphone in each morning. This is for four very important reasons:

    Research shows that a “No Cellphone Policy” in schools has been shown to:

    1. increase student attention in class
    2. increase student performance
    3. decrease incidents of bullying and cyberbullying. 

    What about the case of an active shooter?

    Ken Trump, the school security expert, says phones in school can actually make us less safe in a crisis such as the one in Parkland for several reasons:

    • Using phones can distract people from the actions they need to be taking in the moment, such as running, hiding and listening to directions from first responders.
    • The sound of the phone, whether ringing or on vibrate, could alert an assailant to a hiding place.
    • The shooter could be monitoring the event themselves on social media and find more victims or elude capture that way.
    • Victims and worried family members trying to get through can jam communications, interfering with first responders.

    So, how does the No Cellphone Policy work?

    1. Every morning, when your child enters school, your child will be asked to turn in their phone/electronics. 
    2. Your child’s phone will be placed in a “safe” that is locked for the day.
    3.  At 2:45 dismissal, the phones will be returned to your child.  

    What if I need to get information to my child?

    All communication from a parent to their child during the school day should go through the school. If you need to get information to your child during the day, call the main office. We will make sure the child gets the information. If a child needs to call a parent, they can use the phone in the office.


    If your child does not turn in their phone in the morning, and they are caught with it during school hours (8:25-2:45), their phone will be taken away.

    The first time this happens, we will take the phone for the day. The school will contact the parent to remind them and the child of the policy. The phone will be returned to the child at the end of the day.

    The second time it happens, the school will keep the cell phone for 15 school calendar days and the parent will need to pick it up at the end of the 15 days.

    Let’s work together to keep everyone in our school community safe!

    The safety of the students in this building and their academic success is too important to play with.  A No cellphone Policy in schools increases student attention in class, decreases incidences of cyberbullying and bullying, and increases safety. Please make sure to talk with your child so that they understand the reasons why cellphones in school are not allowed.

             Please sign the form below to acknowledge that you read the policy* and send it to school with them to give to their teacher. 































    Here are some videos for our families that give you some important information!
    ¡Aquí hay algunos videos que le brindan información importante de PS 347!
  • ATTENDANCE GOAL IS 100% for 2022-2023

    Every Child in Every Seat

    Every Day.

    Our goal: 100% attendance 

    Why: Because every day matters!

    Our goal is to make sure that we all work together to get our children in the classroom every single day.  Children who get to school each day have a better chance of learning and succeeding.

    We have 180 days of school. That is 180 wonderful days for your child to learn with their classmates, to improve their writing and reading, to dance and to draw, to learn sports, to explore math and science, and to have fun. 

    Every day your child misses school means that they miss the opportunity to learn, to socialize, and to be part of our community.

    When they miss school, or arrive after 8:25, they miss valuable learning time and this can make them fall behind in their school work. 

    Too many days away from school can lead to poor grades.

    What can parents do to help children avoid being marked absent?

    School age children in NYC are required to attend school on a full-time basis. 

    • Please schedule vacations and holidays during school breaks.
    • Set up a night time routine and a morning routine!
    • Schedule appointments after school hours.
    • If your child misses the bus, and you can still get them here, arriving late is better than missing school!
    • Call the school and let us know if you need support.

    What do I do if my child is sick or has a fever or there is a family emergency?

    We understand that some absences are unavoidable (legitimate illness, family emergencies, etc.). When such absences do occur:

    • Please contact the school every morning that your child needs to stay home to let us know that they will be absent for the day and the reason why. 
    • Submit a note to the teacher or Attendance Office the day the student returns to school. This note should include a current daytime telephone number for the parent to be reached.
    • If your child went to see a Doctor for the illness, provide the doctor’s note the day your child returns to school. They will still be marked absent, but with a note from the doctor, it will be documented in our system as an excused absence.
    • If a child is absent 2 days in a row, our attendance team will contact you. Please contact your child’s teacher regarding work that was missed.
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