Sat, Sep 20 - Sun, Sep 21
Citywide HIgh School Fair
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Brooklyn Technical High School 
29 Fort Greene Place
Brooklyn, NY, 11217

Thursday, September 25
School closed for Rosh Hashana
Friday, September 26
School closed for Rosh Hashana
Wednesday, October 1

Giving back

We have a new web address/domain name.!!! 
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Some ideas for lifelong learning at home

Visit museums for free: See list here.Your kids will learn about careers they might never have thought of!

Hands on: website of ASL events. Develop ASL skills! Second languages are job skills.

Read aloud and sign stories together. Better reading ability creates so many opportunities for kids.

Visit the library. There are more than 200 public libraries in NYC! Make it a routine.

Make sure captions are on when your kids watch TV.

Practice math skills online on sites like

Get enough exercise. Take walks together as a family. Observe the city. Talk and sign together.